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If you are reading this, then you have to help a fellow member. Can someone tell me what program I can download (free) that allows me to make flash games or movies? I realized that my animation came through by a tiny bit. Now that I see the thing in the middle that says it was created using an unactivated version of that program, I wish it had been blammed. If I could get my hands on real flash animation software, then I could do a better job than I did with that animation. If you do happen to know a program, send me a PM, or simply leave a comment telling what program to download. If you still want to help after that, tell me how to use the program, since I hate reading that long page of instructions they give you (who doesn't?) for how to make a game or movie. Thank you in advance for helping me.



2010-01-23 20:35:34 by Ninjagaiden201

I have finally submitted something to Newgrounds! After countless hours of trying to find out how to convert a file to swf. format, I found it and submitted my first animation! Check it out in the flash portal. Title: legend of the Hat
It's a simple pivot animation that I created. It was my first one, so cut me some slack! If you have any ideas for animations, email me atthis address to give me ideas. If you think the rest of the NG society would like it, then you should definitely send me your idea. You will not be disappointed. If you don't feel like emailing me, simply send me a PM here on NG.

If you are still watching this and if you are a patient person, watch this video from Youtube. I wonder how I can do that.......

This Rokks!

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2009-12-25 16:35:34 by Ninjagaiden201

My username is Ninjagaiden201 (of course). This is my first post here, so I'll cut to the chase. Feel free to PM me to ask about medals, or even just to talk. Who knows. It may be one of your best decisions! ; )